Supporting the principles that aquaponics is for everyone and information should be shared as much as possible, we started this Central European aquaponics shop.

How does it work?

  • Several partners offer their products through this central site.
    Click here for more information about entering into partner relationships.
  • Storage and transport is done either by the partner’s own (local rate!) Either from a central stock.
    In any case, the customer continues to benefit from the lowest price for shipment.
  • Prices are kept as low as possible by expanding the network. The profit margins are kept as low as possible.
    In this way, you are always sure of a fair price for your aquaponics material.
  • Items are shared: those who own a local shop or shop and has offered this way business can offer the same local business partners.

Who are we?

logo_small3 vasch aquaponics: owner of aquaponicsshop.eu, Belgian aquaponics freek and pioneer in BE aquaponics systems. Nederlandstalig aquaponics forum.

De Groene Waters aquaponics: partner of Vasch aquaponics, aquaponics farm, workshops, sales of all aquaponics materials.




 Blue Acres: Dutch aquaponics professional: demo’s, design, installations, integration of social projects, sales, fish & vegetbles.