Partner program

We offer a unique partnership with EU dealers.

How does it work?
Your products can be promoted and sold from this central store.
We try to keep the stock as low as possible to avoid additional costs, so can work in two ways:

  • Shiping and invoicing can be done from you directly.
    You invoice the end-user directly and a small % of the total amount (excl shipment) will be invoiced from vasch to you (commissioning).
  • Invoicing to the end-user is done via vasch aquaponics.
    Vasch aquaponics purchases the product from you and adds a small margin to it. End-user prices are shown on the website.
    Shipping is done from a small vasch stock or directly from the partner to the end customer.

We support the idea of an open market, so do not work with dedicated suppliers. That means that several partners might offer the same products.
If so, the end-user will be able to choose the originator. The end-user price will stay the same (margin for vasch may differ).

Contact us for more info.