AKO-2R DWC floating raft

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AKO-2R DWC floating raft.
1180 x 490 x 53 mm for 84 50 mm net pots.

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The AKO-2R DWC floating raft is one of the best floating rats on the market.

Dimensions: 1180 x 490 x 53 mm
Openings: 50mm holes suitable for 50mm net pots. The distance between the holes is 80 mm. One plate contains 84 holes.
Because the punched holes are closed at the time of purchase, you can choose the gap yourself, for example 160 mm. Opened holes can easily be closed again with the punched cylinders.
So you can adjust the number of holes in the plate in no time.
The plate can also easily be cut into the desired format.

The AKO-2R DWC floating raft is made in 100% recyclable PENR (Non-Reticulated Polyethylene) of 53 mm thick.
PENR is a strong foam with a closed cell structure and a density of only 29 kg / m³, which guarantees high buoyancy.
This is compacted on one side to prevent algae from sticking and is therefore also very easy to clean.
The panels are UV resistant and are much more durable than the traditional insulation panels.
Moreover, due to the material, they are much more suitable for reuse.

To use with 5cm net pots.

Additional information

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 1180 × 490 × 53 cm