Ichi Food Baby 1,2 mm 100 gr

4,96 incl.VAT

Feed for fry.

1.2 mm

100 grams



Complete feed for pond fish fingerlings.
The feed contains all quality ingredients to ensure the well-being of growing koi. Strengthens resistance and vitality.
In this phase of life the body is formed, the spine and gills develop depending on the nutrients administered.

Ingredients: Carotenoids, Spirulina, Paprika, Krill, Minor Minerals, Protein 55%, Crude fats 15%, Ash 9%, Carbohydrates 10%, Vitamin A 21,000 IU / kg, Vitamin B3 1500 IU / kg, Vitamin E 200 mg / kg, Vitamin C 140 mg / kg

Content: 100gr