Ichi Food Nature 2-3 mm 1kg

13,82 incl.VAT

Complete natural food based on vegetable proteins only, without fish meal, enriched with gammares (freshwater shrimp).

Grains from 2 to 3 mm.

Weight: 1 kg



Ichi Food Nature is the ideal food for all herbivorous or omnivorous fish in your pond. It is a complete food based on vegetable proteins only, without fishmeal. It is enriched with freshwater shrimp, gammarus (Gammarus pulex) to meet all nutritional needs in protein, fatty acids, pigments, fiber, calcium and mineral salts.

– Without flours of animal origin
– Enriched with Gammarus

Ichi Food Nature can be distributed several times a day as soon as the water temperature is at least 9-10 ° C. It is best to distribute several small meals. In case of excess, eliminate waste and reduce the ration. Food for ornamental fish. Do not distribute to ruminants or other animal species.

Low wheat flour, faba beans, cooked soybean meal, corn gluten, rapeseed oil, rapeseed cake, soy protein concentrate, monocalcium phosphate, gammarus.

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein min. 32.75%
Mast. gross fat 8,95%
Crude fiber 3.77%
Ashes ash 4.83%
Calcium 0.43%
Total phosphorus 0.75%
Sodium 0.02%

Oligo-Elements, Vit. A (E672) min. 10000 IU / kg, Vit. D3 (E671) min. 1750 IU / kg, Vit. E (3a700) min. 300 mg / kg, Vit. C min. 450mg / kg.