Ichi Food Sinking 3 mm 1 kg

12,89 incl.VAT

Ichi Food Sinking 3 mm 1 kg

for bottom carnivorous fish



Ichi Food Sinking is a complete professional food for carnivorous or bottom fish in cold water (sturgeons, barbels, tench, ides, …). It sinks quickly and remains very stable in the water. Its protein / lipid balance is especially studied for scavenging and carnivorous fish. Ichi Food Sinking is rich in energy, vitamins and trace elements. No coloring, no meat or poultry meal.

Usage tips :

Distribute 2 to 3 small meals a day. Distribute only what will be consumed within 5 minutes. In case of excess, eliminate the rejects and reduce the ration.

Grain products and by-products, oilseed products and by-products, fishmeal, fish oil, amino acids, vitamin and trace element premixes, algae, minerals.

Vitamin A (E672) min. 8000 IU / Kg
Vitamin D3 (E671) min. 1400 IU / kg
Vitamin E (3a700) min. 160 mg / Kg
Vitamin C min. 100 mg / Kg

Analytical constituents:
Humidity 10%
Raw protein 47%
Crude fat 13%
Crude fiber 3.5%
Raw ash 10%

3 mm grains, 1 kg packaging.

Also available in 6 mm

Each grain size (3 and 6 mm) is available in 1 kg jars, in sizes of 3.5 kg or in 15 kg bags.