Complete aquaponics system 400l

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Small Aquaponics system 400l

120 cm long and 60 cm wide.

Cultivable area: 0.36 m2


Complete small aquaponic system

Due to the small size, it can be placed in a small garden, on a terrace or even on a balcony! A simple and fun solution to learn this technique of predilection of the followers of the urban agriculture.

The arrangement of the substrates in successive layers guarantees a good distribution of the organic charges and a necessary distribution to the bacteria.

Biocerapond allows the attachment of bacteria responsible for the transformation of pollutants into nutrients that can be assimilated by the roots of plants.
Biozeopond allows regulation of nitrogen (capture and release). It is also useful for fixing and developing the roots.

The tidal effect generated by the siphon-bell allows the oxygenation of the roots and a good distribution of elements at the foot of each plant.


120 cm long and 60 cm wide.

Volume of water: 400 Liters

Cultivable area: 0.36 m2