Silk Worms

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Ichi Food Silk

– Natural food supplement.
– Treats rich in essential elements.

1.5 kg



– Natural food supplement.
– Treats rich in essential elements.

Dried silkworms are a treat for koi carp and a natural supplement necessary for daily well-being. In the wild, fish will ingest many insects that provide the enzymes and nutrients necessary for optimal nutrition. These insects are rare in our basins sealed (tarpaulin, polyester, …). The silkworm larvae will fill this deficiency thanks to their particularly high concentration in these natural elements.

In addition, lyophilized silkworm pupae are naturally rich in proteins and lipids, essential for good growth and high resistance. Enzymes and natural nutrients will improve the whiteness of the skin and make it pearly white as ever.
These particularly popular insects will help tame the fish if they are fed regularly with this treat.

Usage tips :

Used as a treat for pond fish, this all natural food supplement will be distributed sparingly as a supplement to a suitable and quality food (Ichi Food for example). Silkworms should not be used as staple foods. They will mainly be used in the hottest periods of the year (> 18 ° C).

Average analysis:
Crude protein: 52.1%
Crude fat: 28.8%
Crude fiber: 4%
Crude ash: 3.9%
Humidity: 7%

Lives. A min. 8400 IU / kg – Vit. D3 min. 1450 IU / kg – Vit. E min. 180 mg / kg – Vit. C min. 230 mg / kg
Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, K, PP, lysine, methionine, trace elements, minerals, natural pigments (exclusive cocktail of carotenoid pigments), spirulina, …

Controlled origin: AquaponieBxl guarantees the quality and production techniques of this natural food.

Conditioning :

1.5 kg (about 5 L)

The packaging exists in pails of 350gr (about 1 L)